Why Gandhi ?

Advantages at the Gandhi School

    1. Free skill lab practice
    2. Job referral for employment.
    3. Three installment payment plan
    4. Low and affordable tuition and fees
    5. Flexible class schedules, morning, evening and weekends
    6. Free review skill lab practice for the GNA exams even after graduation
    7. Easy accessibility with spacious and well lighted classroom and skills practice lab.
    8. Qualified instructors approved by Maryland Board of Nursing and Maryland Higher Education Commission.
    9. Graduates will qualify to sit for the National Certification exams in Geriatric Nursing Assistance (GNA) & Phlebotomy  Technician.



Job Placement​


GHCS does not guarantee employment or negotiate salary. But will assist those graduates who complete their programs and obtain certification find employment. Assistance will be based primarily on referring those graduates to potential employers who have made requests or expressed interest in employing our graduates. All healthcare agencies such as hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Doctors offices, and Clinical laboratories. Occasionally these healthcare agencies will be invited to attend graduation ceremonies at the school during with they will have the opportunity to talk to our graduates about the various job openings they may have. The school will post on its school notice board job openings that employers bring in for students to consider for possible application and subsequent employment.

Externship / Clinical Sites

GHCS uses the following site for its clinical programs:




As an externship site you will have the following benefit:

1.  You will have an advantage to employ from our steady pool of well trained, highly motivated, caring, hard working, and very dependable students once they complete their training and are certified.

2.  The clinical training will be free and the students will relief your staff of the daily work load as the students work with the patients under the direct supervision of their instructor who is an experienced Registered Nurse approved by both the Maryland Board of Nursing and the Maryland Higher Education Commission. 

Corporate Partners

•  Lab Corp
•  Holy Hill Manor
•  ManorCare Services
•  PharmaCare
•  Veteran Affairs Administration 

•  Milford Manor & Rehabilitation Center
•  Work Force Development Howard County / Baltimore County
•  Northwest Hospital Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

GHCS instructors are people who meet the requirements of the Maryland Board of Nursing and the Maryland Higherscan0011 Education Commission and who have the qualifications and teaching experience as required by the State of Maryland.

    Nursing Assistant Instructors must be Registered Nurses with at least one year teaching experience or has attended the Train the Trainer Certification Course and two years experience working in Nursing Home.
    The Phlebotomy Technician Instructor must be Certified and have at least two years teaching experience or working in a practice lab setting.

Post A Job
If you are an employer looking to hire our students, please feel free to contact us by phone at 443-341-6171 or 443-762-6581.

Send your job openings to the Director by Email: annegandhi@yahoo.com or by Fax: 443-341-6142.