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Che-Ngwa Gandhi

​​       This Foundation was created in Honor of the Late CHE-NGWA GANDHI. For the past years the Gandhi family suffered the vacuum their beloved father, husband and brother created in their lives when he passed away as a Martyr of democracy in his country Cameroon in West Africa.Mr. Gandhi was a great athlete, an intellectual with a Masters degree in Business Administration and Management, a very caring and loving gentleman. His life on earth was very brief (35yrs old), but full of so much ambition to pass on his knowledge and athletic skills to the younger generation. Unfortunately, he could not realize his dreams before the almighty God called him.


         The family has been in so much pain since his premature departure on earth. So, to accomplish Mr. Gandhi’s dreams, the family came up with the idea of starting up a training institution, naming it after him. With the support of very close family friends, well wishers and his wife being a registered nurse as well as his very smart, respectful and energetic children, a training school for health personnel and a foundation was their best option.

         This institution started with an assisted living facility for the homeless and disabled, the training of Geriatric and certified nursing assistants, donations to the under privileged families in foreign countries especially West Africa. Every year this Foundation gives donations to the soap kitchens, Salvation Army stores, and Churches as well as individuals who request for help when we are able to provide such help. We are looking forward to having more donations from individuals, families and other associations to be able to meet our goal.


Gandhi Health Care (GHCS) is an educational institution founded in October 2004.


It is approved for operation by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Maryland Board of Nursing and The Maryland Board of Pharmacy


To provide our students with quality education, assistance, counseling, encouragement, and the financial support they need to succeed in academic and career performance.


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