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GANDHI Health Care Solutions (GHCS) is a leading healthcare services corporation providing clients with the tools, services, and advice they need to be a leader and Entrepreneur in the healthcare industry.

 GANDHI Health Care Solutions is a healthcare services consulting firm that offers large healthcare organizations a single resource to start and properly manage a new business in the Health Care to be successful. GHCS members represent a diverse network of providers, technologists, policymakers, corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs. Best known for:

  • Partnership development

  • Startup sourcing and vetting

  • Policy advisory and Development

  • Innovation advisory

The GHCS Group is a healthcare-focused strategic advisory and financial service consulting firm that provides services to investors and corporate healthcare companies. GHCS’s extensive track record and experience in the healthcare marketplace positions the firm to meet the needs of its clients on a local, regional, and global level. Drawing on the expertise of seasoned professionals from healthcare operations, strategic consulting, and government, GHCS advises clients on key issues affecting the healthcare industry from “bedside nursing care to entrepreneur”

  • Executive search

  • Growth investments

  • Strategic consulting

  • Project design and development

Healthcare is complex, and when it comes to the changing business landscape, no one company is equipped to deal with all of the complexities single handedly. Many innovative healthcare service companies exist to help those of us who operate businesses to understand the changing policies, develop and execute strategies, create new lines of business to be successful.

Who We Are

              Dr Anna N. Nji brings more than 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse with a PhD in Health Sciences working in big academic medical centers, multi-hospital systems, and teaching in Colleges and community hospitals. She is dedicated to serving the needs of healthcare leaders as they strive to create strategic advantage, and maximize operational performance to achieve superior results. 

             Dr Anna N Nji has more than 15 years for consulting experience and is a highly recognized in her advisory role in all aspects of performance excellence and transformational change in the Health Care Field. Award recipients and specializes in the integration of robust process improvement with strategy, operations, culture, workforce engagement, patient experience, and high-reliability sciences.

Dr Anna N Nji is an accomplished business woman and has coached managers, executives, and nurses for the past 15 years. Her true passion for mentoring and helping others succeed in business has made her a sought after speaker and business coach, and fueled her favorite phrases “Going From Burnout to Bliss” and "Optimism is the Faith that leads to Achievement".

            Her solutions drive improvement in organizational structure, patient care services, revenue cycle, supply chain management, pharmaceutical services, clinical documentation services, payer contracting, human resource management, surgical services, and hospital information services and operations improvement in the healthcare industry. She has held several leadership roles in both consulting and provider organizations, with a focus on performance improvement

Benefits of Nurse Entrepreneurship

Become a nurse entrepreneur by starting your own business within the healthcare industry. Our Business ventures run the gamut from medical devices and home health products to independent nursing services such as patient care, nursing education, home health services and consulting work. Our day-to-day responsibilities as nurse entrepreneur depends upon the specific venture, but usually includes activities related to starting and running a business including accounting, marketing or sales, and developing a customer base. Nurse entrepreneurs have the freedom to set their own hours and the flexibility to determine their own work environments based on the company they establish. Have an ability to work independently and willingness to take on personal financial risk Good communication skills for interacting with customers, patients and employees

Services Include Developing the following Businesses

A Private Allied Health Career Training School

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Program

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician Program

  • Certified Dental Assistant Program

  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician Program

  • Certified Patient care Technician Program

  • Certified Laboratory Technician Program

  • Certified Medication Technician Program

  • Certified Home Heath Training Program

  • Certified Medical Assistant Program

  1. Home Health Care agencies

  2. Nurse Referral Agencies

  3. Nurse Staffing Agency

  4. Assisted Living Facilities

  5. Group Homes Facilities

  6. Substance Abuse Out Patient Health Center

  7. Intensive Out Patient Treatment Center

  8. Residential Service Agencies

  9. Adult Day Care Centers

  10. Psychiatric Out Patient Rehabilitation Center

Affiliated Organizations, Societies, & Agencies



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